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Getting Started with ASL

A perfect introduction to ASL, gain basic conversation skills and a foundational understanding of ASL vocabulary and grammar. With practice and expert guidance.

  • Over 500 vocabulary words you'll start using right away
  • Nearly 3 hours of on-demand video instruction
  • More than 50 activities to help extend your learning
  • 40 practice interactions that let you follow Dr. Byron one sentence at a time
  • Self-paced lessons that save your progress
  • Quizes to test your learning
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion
  • Fun & unintimidating - Suitable for ages 15 to 100!
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Duration: 5 weeks (flexible)

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Videos: 2.5+ hours

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Voiceovers & closed captions

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Full course access for 1 year!

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Earn 1.5 CEUs

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Sign Language 101 is accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training

Who you'll learn from

Dr. Byron Bridges

Born deaf to deaf parents and growing up with a deaf sister, Dr. Byron W. Bridges has used ASL as the primary language throughout his whole life. He attended deaf schools and public schools. Dr. Bridges earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Deaf Studies at California State University of Northridge, Masters of Arts (MA) degree in Linguistics from Gallaudet University, and a doctoral degree (Ed.D) in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education at Lamar University.

Dr. Bridges co-authored the book, Deaf Tend Yours. He has written video scripts and produced numerous sign language related videotapes/DVDs. He is a nationally-known teacher and lecturer in ASL and sign language interpretation. Dr. Bridges has been in the field of ASL linguistics, interpreting and post secondary teaching of ASL as a second language for over 30 years. He is a certified Deaf interpreter (CDI), earning the certification through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Dr. Bridges is ready to teach you how to sign. Join the new classroom and learn how to sign at your own pace. Learn from an ASL authority who has successfully taught thousands of sign language students and interpreters. Sign Language 101 will have you signing today!

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Facial expressions & body language

  • Numbers 1 - 50

  • The ABCs

  • Colors

  • Pronouns

  • Everyday Signs

  • Common Phrases

  • Antonyms

  • Around the House

  • Hobbies

  • Fingerspelling

  • Receptive Practice

  • Deaf Culture

  • Language Tips

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How You'll Learn

Each lesson introduces a new topic you'll be exploring. Pause, rewind, or change the video speed. Dr. Byron Bridges breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible segments, making ASL accessible and enjoyable for all learners.

What our learners are saying

Patricia P.

This course is EXACTLY what I was looking for!! It's structured like a classroom or online college course and it is perfect. The instructor is very easy to learn from and his signing is easy to follow. Most defiantly a 5+ star rating!

Gaylene C.

This is an excellent beginner ASL class. Lots of vocabulary on different subjects and numbers. Dr. Bridges offers language tips and information on Deaf culture, which is valuable for those wanting to learn ASL.

Rachel S.

The course was easy to understand and allows you to move at your own pace. Very User Friendly.

Radames V.

This course has really helped give me the confidence to pursue my journey into language learning as a whole.

Jaylin J.

This course was provided by my class/school. I'm happy they switched over to this platform, as it seems to be far more up to date than the last program they were using. Keep up the amazing work, everyone involved with making this/these course(s) a reality.

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What You'll Learn

Course Content

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