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Sign Language 101 for Kids - Online Course

Are you a parent or educator with a child who wants to learn sign language? We make it fun and easy to learn the fundamentals of sign language in our online ASL kids course! Your kids can learn at their own pace or follow our 10-week program.

  • Created and taught by Deaf curriculum specialists
  • 100+ activities included in an all-new digital course workbook
  • Great for home-schooling or as additional classroom support
  • 5+ hours of engaging ASL videos
  • Self-paced lessons that save your progress
  • Each enrolled student earns a Certificate of Completion
  • Designed for learners ages 10-18
Sign Language 101 for Kids Intro

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  • Duration
    Duration: 10 weeks (flexible)
  • Videos
    Videos: 120
  • Downloadable Content
    Digital course workbook included!
  • Course Access
    Full course access for 1 year
  • Online Access
    Access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone
ASL course instructor Sandra Mae Frank
Sandra Mae Frank
Course Instructor

Sign Language 101 is accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

About Your Instructor

Sandra Mae Frank

Let us introduce you to your wonderful ASL teacher, Sandra Mae Frank!

Sandra is an actress and producer who lost her hearing at the age of three. She then learned American Sign Language (ASL) and later became very passionate about acting. Sandra performed in plays during high school and studied Theatre Arts at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. In 2015, Sandra made her Broadway debut as Wendla Bergmann in the revival of “Spring Awakening,” produced by the Deaf West Theatre. These experiences led her to acting roles in multiple films and television shows such as NBC's medical drama New Amsterdam. You also might have seen her on the most recent Super Bowl LVI, performing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful on live TV using American Sign Language. Pretty cool!!

In this course, Sandra introduces the basic fundamentals of ASL in a structured and exciting format. Her teaching style is lively and engaging which makes learning fun and easy. Sandra's signing is not only beautiful but very clear for kids and beginning signers. These 10 lessons will help anyone create a strong foundation for learning ASL at any age.

Come join Sandra and learn the most beautiful language you've ever seen!

Teens learn sign language course
Topics Covered in the Course
  • Letters, names, and numbers

  • Colors, ages, and gestures

  • Animal signs

  • Family signs

  • Everyday phrases

  • School signs

  • Food signs

  • Sports signs

  • Feelings & emotions

  • Occupations

  • ASL grammar

  • Deaf culture

  • Fingerspelling practice

  • Quizzes to check understanding

What You'll Learn

Your child will learn the foundations of ASL alongside celebrated Deaf actress and ASL teacher Sandra Mae Frank. Each lesson ends with a quiz designed to support your child's learning and to help them track their progress. In this fun, interactive course, we'll explore vocabulary words, numbers, grammar, tips about learning American Sign Language, fingerspelling, special facts about Deaf culture. BONUS: Your child can follow along with our free interactive PDF workbook as they learn, practice, and test their ASL knowledge ($25 value). It's like having a teacher right there with them!

kids can learn sign language online

What You'll Learn

Course Content

Lesson 1 - Letters, names, and numbers

1.1 INTRODUCTION – Lesson 1

1 mins

1.2 LESSON – The ABCs

9 mins

1.3 LESSON – Other vocabulary

1 mins

1.4 LESSON – Numbers 1-10

1 mins

1.5 LESSON – ASL grammar

1 mins

1.6 LESSON – Which hand do I use?

1 mins

1.7 LESSON – Let's practice

1 mins

1.8 LESSON – How do Deaf people clap?

1 mins

1.9 LESSON – Fingerspelling practice

1 mins

1.10 LESSON – Practicing what you've learned

1 mins

1.11 QUIZ – Lesson 1

3 mins

1.12 CLOSING – Lesson 1

1 mins